Bonjour, I am Cristelle! A local girl who grew up, studied, married and raised her two children in Carcassonne. I sincerely love this city in Occitanie, a region in South of France. Carcassonne is essentially known for its medieval castle, which dates from the Gallo-Roman era and attracts millions of travelers each year. But Carcassonne is also a Bastide, if you cross the river « l’Aude », with its beautiful colorful houses and its local food artisans. Carcassonne has many renowned pastry chefs, chocolate makers and chefs. That’s exactly what I would like to help you discover, walking in the Bastide and meeting the local artisans to taste their best products. I promise that you will enjoy an authentic and wonderful experience, discovering our lifestyle in the South of France, where eating well is really a religion.

My professional life changed in 2016. That was when I expanded my career in tourism by buying a third rental house so that I could welcome more tourists. The house is in the typical and bustling neighborhood of la Trivalle, at the foot of the Castle of Carcassonne. At the same time, I had an idea to open my shop « La Fille du Midi » which means « the Daughter of the South » to offer only local food and culinary essentials handmade by local producers and craftsmen. I opened my shop on March 8th, 2017.

An epicurean girl, in love with her region the lifestyle in the South of France. She buys only local products. She is very attached to her terroir, its values. When you come to meet her in her shop, the Daughter of the South will tell you her beautiful story and the story of her region, filled with passionate producers and products with exceptional flavors. At the beginning of 2020, she has a new idea to continue to meet people from all around the world and decides to offer Food Tours in her city. She converts her shop into a Food Tour Office, where tourists can meet her and book a Food Tour with her in la Bastide of Carcassonne. The departure for the two Walking Food Tours is from the office, located in the typical, bustling neighborhood of La Trivalle. We walk across the Old Bridge (Pont Vieux) to cross the river l'Aude to go and meet local artisans. The third Food Tour is a bike ride along the Canal du Midi. As you can imagine, it was important for the Daughter of the South to offer a Food Tour by bike!

Now I have a secret for you, but promise me not to tell anyone, the Daughter of the South… is Me!
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